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Soap Colorants

Beautiful soap colorants that are stable in all types of soaps. Wonderful for coloring all types of handmade projects including nail polish, makeup, lotions, creams, crafts and more! Each of these colors have been rigorously tested in cold process soap for stability, vibrancy, and color endurance. They are highly pigmented and offered in concentrated powder form.

We are moving facilities from 8/22/2014 - 8/31/2014. Orders made during this time frame may take longer to process and ship. We will do our best to ship out in a timely manner during the move.


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Many of our colors are now available in jars. To save on shipping costs choose BAGS. This is especially true for international customers. If lowest shipping cost is not a concern, we now offer the convenience of jars. Our micas are completely vegan, cruelty-free and cosmetic grade. They are not considered natural due to the FDA-approved colorants used to pigment them. *Most colored micas are not considered natural soap colorants*

All mica colors are sold by weight. 

Download our Color Guide to micas in cold process soaps. View MSDS information. CI and CAS numbers are available in each product listing, as well as color safety information.

Download our INCI and color safety searchable Excel document here. You will need Excel or a compatible program to view the document.